Date and Time:  2:00-5:00pm on Sunday, January 24, 2016
Location: Pollock Theater (UCSB)
Co-Sponsored by Carsey-Wolf Center
Run time: 95 minutes
Post-Screening: Discussion and Reception

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The After Tahrir Conference will also feature a series of film shorts, new media projects, and video installation in the Michael Douglas Lobby of the Pollock Theater. Award-winning filmmaker Omar Robert Hamilton, internationally acclaimed curator Sarah Rifky, and media artist Heba Amin are among the conference participants who lead a lively discussion after the programming of video-clip artists and community based street videographers. The film and media collectives represented in our program include Kazeboon, an awareness and critical media collective in Egypt that documents and screens videos and films of military authoritarianism in public sites; Mosireen, a non-profit media collective in downtown Cairo born out of the explosion of citizen media during the revolution; R-Shief, a media system that collects, analyzes, and visualizes social media and holds one of the largest repositories of Arabic-language tweets, including content from the 2011 uprisings and Occupy movements; and a series of videos vignettes from “Democracy Dialogue” with Mohamed ElBaradei and Rajmohan Gandhi. All of the works featured in the After Tahrir conference series have emerged out of or tell stories in light of the revolutionary moment in Egypt. Please join filmmakers Heba Amin, Omar Robert Hamilton, Wael Eskandar, Sarah Rifky, and Laila Shereen Sakr of the Department of Film and Media Studies for a post-screening discussion.


  • Heba Amin featuring her short films from "Project Speak2Tweet” (2011-2014)

    • My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day (06:18)
    • The Flag (6:18)
    • What would have happened, Mubarak? (1:53)
    • I’m the Son of the Nile (2:43)
    • The Gecko (2:39)
  • Omar Robert Hamilton featuring short films by the Mosireen Collective (2011-2014) 

    • The Camel Battle (9:30)
    • People Demand Fall of the Regime (4:10)
    • Maspero (9:00)
    • Prayer to Fear (4:25)
  • Linda Herrera debuting her documentary videos vignettes from “Democracy Dialogue” with Mohamed ElBaradei and Rajmohan Gandhi (2016)

    • Gandhi in Egypt (6:20)
    • After the Uprising (6:30)
    • Citizens and Minorities (6:30)
    • Divide & Rule: A Cautionary Tale from India (8:30)
  • Wael Eskandar screening Kazeboon reports by Simon Hanna (2013-2014)

    • Kazeboon: Morsi and Nasa (3:09)
    • Kazeboon: Murder of Shaimaa el Sabbagh
    • Kazeboon: Interstellar (1:40)
  • Sarah Rifky screening Jasmina Metwaly and Philip Rizk's "Out on the Street" trailer (2016); and selections from Harun Farocki and Antje Ehemann workshop "Labour in a Single Shot" (2012)

    • Out on the Street (Barra fel share' ): Trailer (1:56)
  • Laila Shereen Sakr featuring her remixes as cyborg VJ Um Amel with media analytics from R-Shief (2011-2015)

    • Women & Youth of the Arab Revolutions (6:00)
    • Liberalism, Zizek, and Egypt (5:00)